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Survey I Stole from Jess

~About yourself~

What is your name? Kristin Elaine Faulkner
What is your age? 15
Birthday? June 28, 1989
Parents names? Elaine and Bill
Your job [if you have one]? My job I feel is, like everyone elses, to live...oh I bet you didn't think I'd get all deep like did you?
Your height? 5' 1 and 1/4"....the 1/4 is important!!!!!!
Your school and grade? Sun Valley, 10th grade


Who is your fave female actress? Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet
Who is your fave male actor? Johnny Depp, and Jake Gyllenhall
What is your fave movie? Edward Scissorhands, Princess Bride, Austin Powers Trilogy
What is your fave band?Too many to count!!!!!!!
Who is your fave female singer? Alannis Morrisette
Your fave male singer? Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vetter, Jim Morrison
What is your fave mall? don't know
Your fave store? Spencers lol actually the Virgin Records Megastore
Fave person in the world to hang out with? Friends and Family
What is the song that you think describes you best and why? Just A Girl by No Doubt. I think its b/c when I was little I only had guy cousins and they never let me do anything b/c I was a girl.
Who is your crush [only pick one]? No one.
Your fave color? Green
Your fave food? Peanut Butter Cream icecream
Your fave thing about yourself? My wonderful mind, even though it scares my brother and possibly the rest of the world

~If you had to chose~

Glasses or Braces? Braces b/c I already have them and they're only temporary
Zits or being fat? The only time I was 'fat' was when I had baby fat when I was a baby. I don't remember it. I'll say zits then
Phone or Internet? depends on my mood
Cooking show or Game show? hmmmm....I like the cooking shows when they're making pastries
Your fave conditioner or fave lip gloss? conditioner. Without it my hair wouldn't be shiny
Fave best friend? I don't like that phrase. It discriminates against your friends that aren't the "best". Then you're not being a good friend are you?
Fave school subject? Study Hall. KKK.....J power
Fave candy? these things my great grandmom gets called bulls-eyes. they're chocolate filled w/real peanut butter.
Being a model or an actress? Actress b/c you do different things and meet lots of people
Getting run over by a cement truck or jumping off a building? Bungee Jumping off a building. Ha that counts!!!Right? Right?
Backstreet Boys or Nsync? *shudders*
Long or short? Long
Having your parents really mad at you or having a teach in school really hate you? teacher b/c i hate them anyway
Grind up your false teeth in the garbage disposal or losing your engagement ring? false teeth b/c your old then anyway and can get new ones. I would never be able to part with my engagement ring if I had one.
Pretty or smart? Smart
getting a sports car or your dream house? Dream house complete w/sports car
Going to Hawaii or Paris? Hawaii. I love the beach. And the flowers. And the surfers.
Would you rather break your arm or leg? I don't know and never want to find out
Going to Survivor or the Real World? I'd never be on any reality show
Getting your period while wearing white pants or throwing up on your crush? throwing up on my crush b/c since i don't have one it will never happen. HA!!I win

"Questions that take thinking"

What is the thing you most regret in life and why? lots of things. I guess quitting soccer when I was like 7. I was really good at a sport!!!!I wish I could say that now.

If you could have any of name what would it be? The one that I already have. Kristin Elaine.

When was the last time you laughed really hard? The other night watching South Park. Chef was singing "Suck on my chocolate salty balls, you just put them in your mouth and suck them!" LMAO

If you could be famous for anything what would you be famous for? Being a rock star. Or being a Princess. Oh I know being a rock star princess. yeah.

If you could look like anybody who would you look like? Myself

If you could be anyone for a day who would you be? Oprah. Must I say more?

If you could have any hair style what would you have? Well one time after we went to the beach my hair was curling at the ends. Oddly enough it looked pretty nice, minus the whole frizzyness. I guess that without the frizziness in my natural hair color.

Have you ever been jealous of anyone non famous and why? Yeah. I wanted their 67 sky blue mustang convertible.

What is your horoscope sign? Cancer the Crab....figures I get the one that sounds like a dieased bitch lol

What kind of car would you most want, if you could have any?That mustang. Janice Joplin's porche. Beach Buggy or a T-Bird. Or a corvette. Or a Jeep Wrangler

if you could have any of hair color what would you have? The one I was born with

What is your fave talk show? Oprah and Jerry Springer. Its the good and bad side of America.

If you could dig threw anyone's closet and have there clothes whose's would you take? Gwen Stefani, Emmy Rossum, or Audrey Hepburn's.

What is your fave CD? Tie between Evanescence Fallen, and Snow Patrol Final Straw

Do/Did you have a New Year's resolution and what is it? None whatsoever. I mean what's the point of saying you'll do something when you know you will never do it.
What was the best day of your life? Hasn't happened yet

What was the worst day of your life? Too many to count.

What is you bad habit? I tend to repeat things without realizing it. And I curse too.

What is the thing you hate most in the world? Stupid things that people do.
Fave perfume? Happy by Clinique or Chance by Chanel.Hey I like those too. I also like Rosewater even though it technically isn't a perfume.

Fave insult to call people? Why don't you just go off and fuck yourself since no one else will.

best friends? All my friends are the best

Fave thing about your best friends? I'm just gonna say about whoever I think will read this.
JessP:You tell some of the best stories ever. Plus you are very optimistic and can name fashion facts off the top of your head.
JessL:You have great taste in music and make study hall entertaining for everyone(well except for the banana man). Sharing the same birthday and unbirthdays is awesome too.
Joey:You are very creative and artistic. You have great taste in music too and are one of the nicest people I know.
Gina:You're always happy and are a good listener. You never hurt anyone's feelings either and everyone should be like that.
Nick:You are insanely smart. Also your funny and know just about as much about Disney as me, maybe even more. Surviving Stull with me is great too.
Dena:You have some great stories too. You're great at handling situations of any kind too. Besides I've known you the longest. We went through cheerleading and first grade together.
Erica:You taught me the importance of using big words. You also are one of the only people I know that actually enjoys rock climbing too. And we're going to Europe together!!!!
Jenn:You use sarcasm in such a way that it even rivals mine. And you are great at organizing things too. Spanish is great this year thanks to you lol.

What is the wildest thing you ever did? not exactly wild but when we went to Hershey Park we went on that rapid thing about 7 times in row in 50 degree weather, during the rain. Also the first time I went rock climbing was fun too(although I was 8 and it wasn't real rocks)

What would you want as a future career? Record Producer or a vintage store owner or just get paid for breathing.

Who do you tell most of your problems too? hmmmm...I don't really talk about my problems unless I'm trying to cheer someone else up so I don't really know.

Fave magazine? Alt press, vogue, elle, and entertainment weekly too

If you were on Survivor and you could only bring 3 things [You can't bring food, water and clothes does not count] what would you bring? sunscreen, my guitar, and toilet paper. Well would any of you want to live without toilet paper? Didn't think so.

If you could go to any concert which would you go to? Muse b/c I hear they go all out. And I like their songs...even though I don't know what they're talking about sometimes.

Who is the person in life you can not stand? Celebrities mostly. I.E. John Travolta and Kevin Costner.

If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? I'd rather wait until I was older to decide that one.

Did you enjoy this survey? Yeah it was okay. Although now i really want to be a rock star princess now....
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