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hm. dont remeber who started this...Jess???

Got Bored before pratice, and finished it now.

About yourself

What is your name? Gina Elizabeth
What is your age? 16
Birthday? Jan 27 1989
Parents names? Brenda Elizabeth and Gary Paul
Your job [if you have one]? not yet.
Your height? 5 foot
Your school and grade? Sun Valley , 10th grade


Who is your fave female actress? Julie Stiles
Who is your fave male actor? hm...shane west ,maybe.
What is your fave movie? A walk to remember, titanic, pretty woman
What is your fave band? Dashboard confessional,the Killers
Who is your fave female singer? Kelly Clarkson, Vannessa, Jessica Simpson etc.
Your fave male singer? hm... i dont think i have one.
What is your fave mall? KOP b/c its amazes me.

Your fave store? ... Wetseal, Mandees, Victorias Secret, Deb, etc.
Fave person in the world to hang out with? Amykins and Nick
What is the song that you think describes you best and why? It really depends on my mood. but i would like that "i hope u dance" song to decribe me after i ve lived out my life.
Who is your crush [only pick one]? That hot guy in my science class. Joke. i promise. Nick,of course.
Your fave color? blues and bold pinks....
Your fave food? hm. i love home made mashed potatoes....and icecream...not together though. ew.
Your fave thing about yourself? ...that iam breathing.

If you had to chose

Glasses or Braces? glasses
Zits or being fat? um. taking care of zits takes much less will power then diet and excerise but they both suck ass either way.
Phone or Internet? phone
Cooking show or Game show? would be cool to have my own cooking show..... but i dont like watching either for more then 2 mins.
Your fave conditioner or fave lip gloss? dont wear lipgloss... but , chapstick...i couldnt live without. but i love my conditioner too ive been told by a handful of people that my hair smells good * kinda randomly* ... why the were smelling my hair i dont...prob cuz iam short .... ha ha but ya now i know my shampoo and conditioner kick ass.
Fave best friend? isnt ur best friend ur fave any way?
Fave school subject? enlgish even though iam like failing
Fave candy? tropical skittles,lollipops, but for chocolet....twix.
Being a model or an actress? dont u have to be pretty for a model? and i guess an actress, too? hm. But maybe i secretly think it would be awesome to be a Victoria's secret model...but i wasnt built that way.... and actress.... nah. how bout niether.
Getting run over by a cement truck or jumping off a building? building.
Backstreet Boys or Nsync? BSB
Long or short? .... wat is this making refrence to.
Having your parents really mad at you or having a teach in school really hate you? been through both. but Teacher.
Grind up your false teeth in the garbage disposal or losing your engagement ring?......maybe u could find ur engagement ring....
Pretty or smart? smart.
getting a sports car or your dream house? house
Going to Hawaii or Paris? Hawaii.
Would you rather break your arm or leg? arm * done it *
Going to Survivor or the Real World? i couldnt live without running water....RealWorld...they go out and have sex like everytime ive seen an episiode.
Getting your period while wearing white pants or throwing up on your crush? ....1st choice...

"Questions that take thinking"

What is the thing you most regret in life and why? too many to list.

If you could have any of name what would it be? I wouldnt keep my name. But, i would pick something out really cool. i'll think about...although i used to have one. Crystal. changed my mind.

When was the last time you laughed really hard? coming back from lunch w/ Amy cuz i always laugh with her and she compared human sex to animal sex in a way.

If you could be famous for anything what would you be famous for? finding a cure for something horrible like Cancer or AIDs , but u have to be smart for that.

If you could look like anybody who would you look like? someone pretty. . . .

If you could be anyone for a day who would you be? Myself.

If you could have any hair style what would you have? this chick at my haircutting place...its amazing.

Have you ever been jealous of anyone non famous and why? Yeah. Everybody has their reasons.

What is your horoscope sign? Aquarius

What kind of car would you most want, if you could have any? one of those cute lil bugs.
if you could have any of hair color what would you have? the color i have no but only a lil blonder... it will be in the summer...thanks sun.

What is your fave talk show? Maury.

If you could dig threw anyone's closet and have there clothes whose's would you take? ....Hilary duff... dont shoot me hilary haters... i kinda like Lohans too but they are a little more on the slutty side.

What is your fave CD? Dashboard...a scar a mark a misson*or something like that* the killers Hot Fuss Kelly clarkson Breakaway, Autobiography etc.

Do/Did you have a New Year's resolution and what is it? Yes. Some were personal and some werent. Some ive achieved. Some ive given up and some iam working on still.

What was the best day of your life? my lifes not over yet.

What was the worst day of your life? .... ......

What is your bad habit? Not saying what i want to say. Procastination. Being too mean sometimes, being to shy, and the list goes on for about 100 more at least

What is the thing you hate most in the world? ppl who are too quick to judge and other naive beliefs.

Fave perfume? Curious, the one by Paris, Chanel something.... Happy, Love spell along with others from VS

Fave insult to call people? whore bitch etc
Best friends?

Fave thing about your best friends? Amy: I tell her everything and she listens, she tells me everything i listen, shes crazy and caring, always funny and always there to enlighten me and make me less dumb ( in several areas of my life lol) and were always laughing~ Nick: his funny, I can be myself around him and not really care, laugh together, he listens, talk on the phone for a while about pretty much nothing, it goes on but ill stop.~ Ted: would be so lost without him sometimes cuz he helps me with everything, he cares so much, his crazy and fun to be around.~Josh: Would be lost without him too, his crazy tries so hard to enlighten me funni as hell and helps me through everything with a diff point of view, one that i wouldnt view b/c...well.jus b/c . ~ Jenn: her honesty, guiding me make sure i dont do anything dumb, her sense of humor sometimes is so funni, and she help me survive Stull and Frampton. I die otherwise.~ Jess: always so helpful and caring , shes funni as hell and always fun to be around.~ Joey: Omg. Hes such a sweetheart. So caring and teaches me new things.~ Kristin: She listen to my pointless ramblings in Sach's class wich i couldnt survive w.o her, shes funni too her point of view is so different i like it.~Dena: shes funny and caring and has some amusing stuff to tell~Erica: Nice and always there to help, she also teaches me new interesting things and is always up for getting up and out into the outside world.~Jess L.: Def her randomness and her sexual humor

What is the wildest thing you ever did? Broke a cott with like 5 guys. lol jp. well, no but yes. Thats not wild. at all. hmm... i ll think about it ive done some dumb stuff cuz i didnt care, while all the girls i was with did.
What would you want as a future career? Something that makes my life fullfilled,gives time with my family or to have a life, and makes me happy
Who do you tell most of your problems to? Amy and Ted and Josh But mainly Amy.
Fave magazine? Seventeen,Cosmo,Cosmogirl
If you were on Survivor and you could only bring 3 things [You can't bring food, water and clothes does not count] what would you bring? The people i would miss most. my cellphone to keep in touch with the ones i didnt bring.
If you could go to any concert which would you go to? The Killers, Dashboard, maybe even Yellowcard
Who is the person in life you can not stand? Dont really have one of them...maybe Framptom lol.
If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? I have a fucking list for like each topic. Appearence,Personalty,school,sports,common sense,habbits, prespective, health, etc.

Did you enjoy this survey? sure.
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