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hey ya'll

lol well i was stupid and didnt know about this until a while ago. then i didnt feel like posting until now. today was the trip to dorney. i didnt get to stay home, but it was okay cuz it wasnt nearly as lonely as i expected it to be. each of my classes had at least 4 ppl. the 4 were in framptons class... lol he walked away so we left. went to the computer lab. he probably didnt even notice lol... umm... i just texted kristin's cell 2 c wats up nd got no response so im just bein bored. la la la la... lunch was lonely cuz g was all pissed cuz she couldnt go. and shes not goin in 2morrow cuz she deserves a day off apparently cuz she didnt get to go on the trip... watever if it makes sense to her... umm omg its only tuesday.. blah. hyatt promised to talk to the ss department to make sure ppl goin into AP english nd Honors ss wont hav 2 read like 5 or 6 books instead of 4. lol i hope she does cuz that would suck... umm i dont have anything to say... i think ill go... idk read or something? idk byes
<3 Jenn
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