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Took from Kristin and filled out over a long period of time.

Y 0 U
first name: Gina
nickname(s): G,GiGi,Ginabean-thumbalena, midgit
gender: female
height: 5 feet 3/4 of an inch ”
hair color: Brunette
eye color: Brown but some agrue Hazel...
do you wear glasses or contacts: contacts when i feel like it
do you have braces: nope
is your hair long or short: longish
where were you born: in the back alley in a hospital, riddle actaully
zodiac sign: aquarius :)
how many languages do you know: Some English and less Spanish
what laungage do you want to learn: Spanish. Italian, but only cuz i wanna go there on vacation and be able to speak to all the crazy guys that think its cool to flirt with us in italian. And French, b/c its pretty.
bad habits: cursing. being too harsh on myself. laziness.
piercing you have: ears.
piercing you want: could follow and get belly button but i dont show it off that much and it get infected with softball...but it would be an awesome lizard or butterfly..or heart or something like Deana has she always finds the cutest rings.
tattoos you have: None...but they look really good on someppl. shitty on others.
today: Sunday.
today's date: July 31st
the time: 6 25 pm
ready for a bunch more questions: nothing else to do.

F A M i L Y
mother's name: Brenda Elizabeth
father's name: Gary Paul
brother's name: Paul Andrew ( funny how my parents got their middle names involved aint it?)
sister's name: I don’t have a sister…
favorite aunt: Well, i only have one reg Aunt. KK. aka Karen. shes awesome.
favorite uncle: hmm... that i have too many of to choose.
best relative: my poppop....but hes not living. but he was cool. i wish i coulda had him around more he had so many good stories and experiences he coulda shared.
do you get along with your parents: Ya, and no.
does anyone in your family understand you?: My mom does. in a way. My dad too. to a point.

do you have any pets: Rusty!Angel!Friskie! and of course Max. Cats,dog.
what are their names: o.i did that already.
what kind of animals are they: ditto.

S C H 0 0 L
are you still in school: Yes
did you drop out: No
current gpa: I have no idea…but i bet it sux
favorite grade: 10th and 7th and 8th
least favorite grade: 9th i hated it. and prob had minor depression. and 6th everyday i came home crying for various reasons. something about those transitions.
favorite teacher:* not favs ones i like* Mrs. Dambrosio 2nd and 5th, Mr.R he was funny as was Figuria, Ms.Pascal had interesting views, Mrs Rhoads ( 4th) excepted nothing but the best, Ms Deprenzio.. had interesting lessons, Ms Wirstad made math understandable....and although i hated him in the beginning Mr stull.
least favorite teacher: Hellrung. probally a reason i hated 9th grade...weekly calls on how much i sucked in his class....although a nice man....and she wasnt mine but Ms Irving in 2nd grade friggin hated me....oh god the fights we would have. bitch. i was 8. shouldnt a picked on me.
favorite subject: even though i suck at it...English. and Science sometimes. * photography if that counts*
least favorite subject: Social Studies...specially that geography shit we had this yr and in 7th grade...ahhh.... and math of course.
do/did you buy lunch or bring it: depends what i feel like doing.
play any sports on the school's team: mom wants me to tryout for cheerleading...
do/did you do any extracurricular activities: Newspaper, and...nothing but i really wanted to do more
favorite dance: wow, i dont think ive went to a dance i havent liked. well, ya but no.
winter 8th grade formal.... i was happy showed up late and still had a good time...and made fun of the decorations.
Spring: again a game...vs Springton ha ha that was the bball game too! ha ha! had fun... with randomness! & i really didnt know paul was with Courtney at the
9th grade homecoming- i went alone and late...again at a softball game. found some friends and kinda danced left early cuz well that one really did suck.
9th grade winterball- meet up with Brit Mccunney crew. That was actaully pretty fun that night. frist time i got my hair did.haha
freshman dance- so much fun..... prob the best night of my freshman yr. honestly. and coming to school on Monday, so Gina i ve heard u are a crazy girl...haha
10th SV grade homecoming- started off kinda slow but got better. met up with Amy and just kinda danced till we didnt know wat was going on...they said i dance like a slut...thats so not tru..haha
St Joes Prep hc- with Drew, it was fun...i asked him if it was really formal and told him wat i could wear and he was thats fine. wore the HC was more formal....i had something i coulda worn. lol so i felt slightly outta place..he knew and made sure i felt comfortable by telling me i looked great anyway. But it was pretty fun. nothing too crazy.
SJP Sophhop- coulda wore wat i wore to his HC and fit in better but there was a least a dozen girls like me. i totally didnt care though this time. It was fun... not totally crazy but still fun.
Oharas Jr. Prom- With Ted. What a night. lots of fun...craziness fun...decorations were gorgeous i didnt even recognize the place. he had to teach me to dance cuz we all know i have no sense of beat. everyone looked so nice too! ha ha i can swingdance now too! ha ha!
Sophhop- ha ha my date was awesome, and for a split second thought he forgot the tickets. Again wearing a dress too dressy but didnt give a fluff...couldnt buy another and mom wouldnt i was being punished lol and i love that dress anyway. But it was so much fun Dancing with Amy,Beth,Jess and Kristin and Dena and Joey for a lil bit here and there. Finally after i dont know how many months getting Nick to dance with me...and a year of trying to get Nick to dance at all. that was fun too. jus a night of craziness and what not.
favorite memory: Recently? districts and states i guess... for sports at least...but i have so many more i dont feel like listing or because they are so wierd some wouldnt understand.
favorite memory you want to have: what?
least favorite memory: Ha, lets not talk about it.
most humiliating moment: @ least 2 a day.

F A V 0 R i T E S
number: four bitches 4
letter: G its my name duh
shoes: my ones from homecoming b4 they died...and prob the goldish ones i got now.
saying(s): go hard or go home bitches! smile cuz lifes too short to waste time on tears.
TV show: I dont watch a lot of tv to have a fav.
sport: fastpitch softball. fieldhockey. and for guys...lacrosse... I DO NOT ORGASM OVER LACROSSE PLAYERS....for like the hunderth time.
vegetable: romaine lettuce. cucumbers
fruit: watermelon, peach, apple,strawberry,blueberry,plum...etc.
movies: @ the moment??? Dirty Dancing, M and M smith....Hitch,Wizard of Oz, Titanic,Harold and Kumor, Friday night lights * do not watch on way to state semi final game it is so not a good idea!!!*
magazine: Cosmo.
actor: Johnny Depp < hes crazy Orlando...eyecandy duh.
actress: Julia Roberts....Julia Stiles... um..... theres more i cant think at the moment.
candy: lolipops...and chewy those gummy frogs!!!
gum: bubble yum for crazy flavor. Orbit or eclispe for mintness
scent: after the rain, summer nights, winter mornings, grass, flowers, spring, snow, lilu,pretty in pink,enchanted apple,tru star, some stuff bye axe, etc.
candy bar: twix
ice cream flavor: black rasberry, and tin roof and rocky road ( bryers)
color: shade of blue and some shades of pink...haha like my room!
season: Summer
holiday: Christmas
band: Killers,yellowcard, Dashboard,fallout boy...half way there......
group: Spice girls

rapper: hmm....missy elliot...does that count?
type of music: Alt Rock i guess and whatever u can quilfy stuff like Michell Branch under
thing in your room: My pink walls ..i love em. and maybe honey Joe and my journals.
place to be: on a softball field, my room, outside, with my friends.
tv channel: i dont like to watch it
junk food: french fries prob!
overall food: salad with grilled chicken and ranch dressing, mashed potatoes, icecream,chicken sandwiches, steak, etc.
designer: i dont have one
hangout: ha ha there is none we live in a boring nieghbor hood.
fast food: Chick Fil A , Tacobell, Arbys, wendys
restaurant: Outback,Smokey bones, Nifty Fifties, Tom jones, ruby tuesdays,
shape: i guess the cross too.
time of day: Dusk in the summer.oohhh thats a pretty time. i like when the sunsets any time too.
country: Besides America? Italy.
state: besides PA? i guess Virgina.
boys name: I dont have em anymore i changed my mind from all of them and now i cant make it up.
girls name: same as above.
mall: Granite Run, KOP, and the one in NC.
video game: i dont have one. oh wait...ddr although i suck
shampoo: Herbal essence fruityness, pantine prov, Aussie
board game: twister and monolopy
computer game: none
car: VW convertible buggys and reg ones
music video: ha ha i like the mr brightside one and my imortal
swear word: bitch(es) and fuck.
word: biddie
month: July
cartoon character: .....spongebob? and pussy foot. run kitty run! lol .... i used to love sailor moon too.... like watched it about it...etc.
scary movie: Amityville horror and finaldestion 2 ( although not scary) oh and gothitka or however u spell it.
team: um.
possession: anything in my softball bag. and my few fav fav skirts my fav undies

eminem: Sara Scott
dog: needs a bath.
hot: Guys.
britney spears: where are her clothes..and Nick of course.
nsync: bsb were better
real world: drama wich includes sex and drunkness
orange: juicy.
choice: life
fuck: me ...that works. as does" you " and "face"
bisexual: some of my friends.
black: cat and sexy
jack: in the box
rainbow: gay
lifehouse: full house
bat: batman!
leather: couch at smokey bones
whip: oneside thinks: kinkyness the other side thinks cool whip * the one that makes the noise lol* and then ends up with that being kinkyness still.
america: home
water: 5 bottles of it bitches...dont bother me and my bathroom trips BRIAN!
volcano: island and ive been on one! cool
rock or rap: rock
rock or pop: both
rock or r&b: both
rock or metal:rock
rap or pop: both
rap or r&b: both
rap or metal: rap
pop or r&b: both
pop or metal: pop
r&b or metal:r and b
linkin park or limp bizkit: Linkin Park
tool or korn: wat?
selena or jlo: J lo
hot or cold: Hot !
winter or summer: summer
spring or fall: spring and fall
shakira or britney: Shakira
icp or eminem: wat?
marilyn manson or rob zombie: niether?
kittie or garbage: Garbage
mtv or vh1: mtv
buffy or angel: tough choice. buffy
dawson's creek or gilmore girls: gilmore girls
football or basketball: Bball
summer olympics or winter olympics: Summer it has softball
skiing or snowboarding: Snowboarding
rollerblading or skateboarding: skateboarding
black or white: both but not mixed
orange or red: Red
yellow or green: yellow
purple or pink: Pink!
slipknot or mudvayne: wat?
hot topic or pac sun: Pac sun and hot topic both have totally dif stuff making them both desirable.
inside or outside: Outside
weed or alcohol: alcohol to a degree
cell phone or pager: cell
pen or pencil: Pencil
powerpuff girls or charlie's angels: chralies angles
scooby doo or dino: scooby doo
dragon ball z or pokemon: pokemon
star wars or star trek: star wars
tattoos or piercings: depends. as long as its not to an excessive amount
prep or punk: a good mix inbetween.
slut or whore: wats the diff. ... slut sounds funner

P R i V A T E L i F E ( if this is "private life" why are they asking it? jus a thought)
do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: yup
do you have a crush: nope
do you love anyone right now: sure
have you ever been in love: good question.
how many people have you liked: between 7 or 8 including like Kindergarten
first crush: go ahead and laugh : David Bliassard ( or however u spell it) kindergarten...young, and naive
how many hearts of have you broken: a handful.
How many have broken yours: a few
best quote to sum up love: You cant sum up love in a quote its almost impossible. but i do know its not something to be careless about...
so what is your bf/gf/crush like: ....hes a just kidding.
do you have a picture of him/her: yup.
please post it if you do: iam too lazy its on my myspace i guess. * besides u guys know who he is.*
do you have a picture of yourself: No, i burnt them all. of course i do.
please post it if you do: dnt feel like it
do you go by looks or personality: for a relationship looks dont get you too far b/c then its strictly lust. so, personality is def important.
ever kiss a friend: not untill he was a "boyfriend".
are you still friends: um. ya.
so moving you smoke: nope...its not very attractive
do you smoke weed: Nope
ever trip on acid: nope
how about a little x: nah
crack, heroin, anything else: not my thing
beer good or beer bad: i think it smells nasty so i cant imagine drinking it for anything but getting drunk and that leads to shitfaceddumbdescions.
are you the sissy who drinks wine coolers: ha ha i prob would be. @ least they taste better
prefer beer or liquor: wouldnt know.
what kind of cigarettes do you smoke: none, thanx.

W 0 U L D Y 0 U EVER..
bungee jump: hm. maybe.
sky dive: no.
swim with dolphins: that would be so much fun!
scuba dive: i wish! ive always wanted to.
go rock climbing: eh, maybe...that doesnt appeal to me much.
eat shit for $1,000,000: ew. .
turn your back on your friends for personal gain: no.
steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: nope.
cross-dress: ha ha dresslike a guy? i have before.
lie to the police: um. maybe.
run from the police: ha ha wat a good story that would be.
lie to your parents: haha...ya.
walk up to a stranger and kiss them: ha ha...i d k. is he really hot and single?
be an exotic dancer:....sure, y not?
walk out of a restaurant without paying: Nah, that sux for the workers.
streak: haha! no.

best friends: I have friends i spend more time with but um.ya.whatever.
known longest: um. Jenn. i think.
wish you talked to more: pretty much all my friends.
wish you saw more: Janean, Ted, Erica, Jess, Jackie...well anyone on the softball teams really, Annie, Erik, Drew, Laura,Dave,Josh w., well the list jus goes on.
how many friends do you think you have: i guess u can say i have quite a few.
who drives you insane after a while: thats not a very nice question.
who can you stay around forever and never get sick of: Nick Janean too prob. possibly more ppl but i jus dont hang around them as much as i wish i did.
ever lose a good friend because you took it to the 'next level': i never really took it to the next level with a lot of guys. and if we ""tried"" and one of us wasnt into it it would either be akward or whatever.didnt loose good friends...w/e next question
craziest: um.Amy and Janean. Nick.... and Ted....def Ted.
loudest: Amy.
shyest: Drew.
best hair: Jess's hair color is awesome. i also love Janean's its really pretty.
can always make you laugh: Nick,Amy,Janean, and Ted.
best eyes: Dena and Janean
best body: um. for girls or guys? or overall? next question.
most athletic: Janean
sex symbol: hmmm....
hot tempered: Kristin can get angry and Ted can get pushy.
most impatient: Kristin.Ted.
shortest: hm. i think i am the shortest. :(
tallest: Ted.
talented: everybodies got something going for them.
best singer: Dave.
skinniest: Kristin. Erica. Nick.
best personality: hm... everybody has something good about thier personalitly.
biggest drug user: ha ha well, iam not gonna say anything here.
flashed someone: not really.
told a person how you felt bout them: yup.
been to michigan: Nope.
gone to jail or juvi: nope.
skateboarded: ha ha it resulted in me falling on my ass. good times.
skinny dipped: not yet.
stolen anything: yeah when I was little and didn’t know any better.. and felt bad about it later in life.
wanted to kick my ass for making this so long: yup.
kicked someone's ass: Yes. Literally that is
pegged someone in the head with a snowball: ha ha yah. than i got tackled. then i bit him.
broke a beer bottle: hm. it wasnt mine but ya.
gotten into a bar, under-aged: yup...but i didnt get anything illegal.
kissed someone of the same sex: nope
gone on a road trip: kinda?
gone on vacation without adult supervision: kinda.
been to a concert: yup :)
been to another country: Yup.
talked back to an adult: of course.
got pulled over: i was in the car when we would.
got in a car accident: not a real one
broke a law: ha ha yup
given money to a homeless person: yup
tried to kill yourself: ya, not like hardcore seriously either like some ppl but ya......not in like 3 yrs, though.....prob wont bother again.
cried to get out of trouble: yup. it worked.
kissed a friend's brother or sister: ya. were not friends anymore, she was a bitch anyway.
kissed a brother or sister's friend: No, they’re all like 12
dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it anyways?: ha ha poor paul.

0 P I N I 0 N S
what do you think...about pop music: i listen to it.
about boy bands: BSB were one.
about flag burning: its....a weird way of protesting
of the war on terrorists: @ least they are doing something...yet it seems slightly pointless at times but still ppl are dedicating their life to it so that is imporantant
suicide: an early escape from their life and although their life may be hard its something they need to overcome themselves or get help with
about people who try to force their opinions on you: Annoying. Dont force opionions....theres a difference between forcing and gently persuading
about abortion: I used to be a dead against but i thought about it a lil more latly. i dont think its right, but i do believe that its the persons descion, it is after all her body and child growing inside of it. i think the chick should take responsiblitly for her action...but like Kristin mentioned if u get raped...its not ur fault.
about rock/metal music: listen to some of it.
where do you think you'll be in 10 years: i'll be 26. only God knows cuz i sure hell dont.
who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: i know some ties will be lost but iam hoping not to loose most of my friends...they are a good part of my life
how do u feel bout gay marriage: My religious beliefs and what not are supposed to be like heck no. i havent formed an opinion on this... but i know u cant chose who u love and not being able to be legally with them is a horrible thing.

W H A T D I D Y 0 0 H D 0
last birthday: take a spanish midterm and a math midterm spend...lunch with Amy @ Tom Jones * singing*...talked to some ppls....went to privates with Court...ate cake and uh...slept? best of all no punishment that day

yesterday: Preseaon, pitch, walk,sleep,crazy softball
last weekend: Fridaynight...JorgesSat...went bowling with Amy and Sunday i went to Stephs bday party

christmas: had family over...
thanksgiving: ditto
new year's: Everyone at my house....
halloween: Went with Virge and some of her friends...why not, u know?0
easter: Florida baby!
valentine's day: um. School. Late bus. Nick came over. And then Amy called and had to come over... Then Nick went home... so i walked around in brookhaven in the rain with Amy as venting was in progress...oh and i was wearing white pants...dumbass i was

thing you ate: Tuna sandwich with lettuce...on 12 grain bread...with carrots and ranch dressing on the side * my lunch*
thing you drank: tea cooler
thing you wore: as in what iam wearing now...or last thing i took off? last thing i took off was my tshirt...cuz it was soaked... from praticing in the rain
place you went: fieldhockey pratice at SV
thing you got pierced/tattooed: my ears in kidergarten...
person you saw: Nicole Pantle and her dad ( gave me a ride home)
person you kissed: some random football boy...... no, not really.... Jorge.
person you fxcked: .virgin.
person you talked to: in person? Nicole P and Mr. P.... On phone: mom On here: Nick and Beth
song you heard: yellowcard.... only one... or some dashboard song
what are you eating: same thing i ate for lunch minus the carrots and add mac and cheese
what are you drinking: tea cooler
what are you wearing: socks, shorts, undies, sports bra, cami and long sleeved shirt...
any shoes on: sneakers
hat: nah
listening to: the rain
talking to anyone: online? ya
are you pissed i made this so long: kinda

are you a vegetarian: nah
do you like cows: seacows... and sad ones in magazines
are you a bxtch: i hope not...mayb to my brother or Jay haha.
are you artistic: not really
do you write poetry: yup.
are you a fast runner: hell no
can you ski: never tried
are you british: hm....
do you want to spear britney: she pregnant now i could get introuble for that
do the voices talk to you: um. no.
did you ever give barbie a haircut: pretty sure i did ..and i curled it occasionally too.
would you eat mac & cheese with hot dogs in it: i would do it on my own... but if someone put it infront of me and was like eat this...i prob would
do you think disney creators were on acid when they made 'alice in wonderland: beats me...stephen king was drunk and on drugs when he wrote some of his out there why cant they?
are you straight: ya
are you stupid, insane, and another physically handicapped: um. maybe.
are you nice: i guess so
are you naughty: not really, but go ask Santa for the answers to the last two questions i guess
are you short: ya...i have stand on my tiptoes to reach pretty much everything
are you tall: no
pink shirt: on guys...some can pull it off most cant...
how about orange pants: just no.
can you see the flying monkeys: on the Wizard of Oz
are you evil: if i want to be but rarely
did you ever know someone who had a mullet: 3ish
is britney a whore: she dresses like she? i d k i dont follow her...thats Nicks obsession...not mine.
are you a teenage zombie: no.
am i annoying you?: yup
do you like marilyn manson: not really. one song kinda. and the video was weird had bunnies and stuff on a bed... that were ppl i dont remember though.
are you secretly from another planet: if it was a secret would i tell u?
did you ever touch someone else's private parts: When i get bored i open up my lil "lemonade stand" on my corner @ night and offer hand jobs to all the guys on my street...they pay by the minute in advance( make some good $ this way lol)....if they cum earlier sux for them good for me...if they take too long...i guess thats a case of blue balls.... but, shh dont tell my mom she doesnt know about my night job. LOL.
this is over are you happy now: yes!
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