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Decided to answer Gina's Question

Academic goals---

hmmm. Well I've never been one to actually care about my grades and stuff. I guess I just want to pass everything and make it through the year.

Social goals---

I don't set goals for anything. So I'm not really sure what to put. I guess to join more clubs and stuff. I might actually attempt to talk to the pretty much braindead people in my classes..but I know i'll end up insulted by their stupidity like every other year and give up lol. And my parents want me to get a job..but I don't want one, i just need money.

Personal goals---

I actually have one for this! I will get my permit. My parents keep putting it off b/c basically they're scared of the thought that I'm old enough to drive. I don't know why that would scare them. I am also determined to find a pair of jeans that actually fit. All my life my jeans have never fit, always bunching up in the front and when I sit down they magically appear about 4 inches above my ankles. I also want my parents to actually let me out of the house once in a while and see my friends, but that will never happen. My guitar playing is one of the most pitiful things anyone has heard, so I'm going to try and get better at it.
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